About the Program

Program Guidelines

Check out a Museum Adventure Pass from your Library
  • In Person:
    1. Check the list of participating libraries to see if your library is part of the Museum Adventure Pass program.
    2. Check current pass availability at your library.  If passes are available, visit your home library where library staff will be able to issue passes to you.
    3. Be certain to bring your library card for identification.
  • Online (Email):
    1. Click on Find Museums, Libraries and Passes.
    2. Complete the three search boxes, and click the spyglass button.
    3. Scroll down to find your local library, and click on “Passes Available”
    4. Look for the museum you wish to visit, and click on “ONLINE Pass Request”
    5. Enter the required information and click “Submit” to send your request to your library
    6. You will receive an email with the requested pass which may be printed or used on your phone.  If a pass is not attached to the email, information will be provided.
  • Libraries have a limited number of passes for each participating museum, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis whether requested in person or online.
  • One Museum Adventure Pass may be checked out per family, per loan period. The loan period is SEVEN DAYS and will expire after the date printed on the pass.
  • Admission offers vary per museum. For some, two or four people may be admitted free per pass, or by carload. If admission is free, another special discount will be offered.
  • Passes MAY NOT BE DUPLICATED, are non-transferrable, must be used by the patron checking out the pass, and may only be used once. Patrons may be asked for photo identification and/or library card to gain admission to the participating museum. Abuse of pass use may result in the patron's suspension from the program.
  • Check the list of participating museums for details on each cultural destination. Find out what discoveries await you, get directions to the museum, and review each museum’s pass entry offer, including any restrictions that may apply.